Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where Ya Been?

Happy 2012... Where Ya Been?

Well, I've been busy, thank you very much- busy with parties and costumes and Christmas and New Years and Birthdays and work and school and blah and bleh and blech. The first 5 mentioned were happy busy, the last 5 cause stress and gastric acid but, in the grand scheme of things (and in the minutia as well) are necessary and I'm thankful to have them to whine over.

It's a new year and you know, my list loving friends, that THIS girl has been busy- busy planning and plotting for 2012, busy making lists and plans, busy with what my HOPE might lead us to, busy with where my DREAMS are going. Of course I made resolutions... any one of the daily lists or thought streams could fit that definition, but I hadn't OFFICIALLY wrote them down because... well, because I've been busy. Busy with life- this life that changes and shape shifts and morphs so much from one day to the next all the while staying. exactly. excruciatingly. the. same.

I've found some new blogs that I LOVE, really, truly, super duper LIKE a LOT!
and I caught up with others that I LOVE and LIKE a LOT that deal with grief and parenting and special needs- like

Amongst all this reading and thinking and pinning and liking and sharing, my New Year's Resolution and *focus* for 2012 became clear- I want to DO... I don't want to just read, just think, just plan... I want to DO, GO and BE- and, to be honest (and, let's face it, a little shallow) I want to look fantastic in the process.

The more you read, the more you feel like reading- the same holds true for exercise, shopping, eating healthy foods, crafting with your babies, swimming, walking to the park, praying, blogging and sitting on your booty on the couch Facebooking, pinning, and viewing crazy 'fail' videos til 3 a.m. . All things in moderation- right? Yep.... easy to write, harder to implement... and this year, I'd like to err on the side of motion.

So..(drum rolllllllllllllllll) Here are my Resolutions for 2012

1. I will focus more on GOING than on what I will wear to GO.... there have been times when I haven't GONE because I wasn't happy enough with myself and what I had to wear (shallow?)... and I have used these times as a motivator(deep)- in 2011 I lost almost 40 pounds and promised myself that never again would I feel too self conscious to pick up and GO when the opportunity presents itself. I have renewed that promise- to myself and my family- which is why you WILL see me exercising consistently to remain in the right frame of mind to wear my swimsuit in February without mentally vomiting. I will GO... and I will GO NOW.

2. I will focus more on DOING what I can RIGHT NOW, than on what I can't do for lack of time, money, or resources. We all have great ideas, tremendous, creative, wahoo! ideas... and I'd hazard a guess that less than 1/10th of them come to fruition. I've written about being present, being IN THE MOMENT because you can't, no matter what, stop the passage of time. For 2012 I will play hard, right now, with my amazing babies, not bemoan the fact that I have to work 40 hours a week and miss countless precious moments. I will take a walk, right now, not worry about yesterday when I missed my workout, or tomorrow when the schedule's crazy and I'll be lucky to have enough time to brush my hair much less break a sweat. I will DO... and I will DO NOW.

3. I will focus more on BEING the person I want to be... vague? too broad? possibly, but true.. I want to BE kind. I want to BE centered on Christ. I want to BE a kick booty advocate and example for my children- I want them to see that life isn't fair but you can still make it wonderful, amazing, and precious. I want to BE a better friend, in real life, to those who are important to me. I want to BE stronger mentally. I'm not talking working towards, I'm talking right now, this moment... I will BE, and I will BE now.

What about You? What are you going to DO, where are you going to GO, who are you going to BE? When 2013 rolls around, what will you have to show for it?

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