Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cheap Thrills #12

Cheap Thrills #12
  Blue Shrug, $19.00, Maurices, sale + coupon.
  Black, I Mean Serious Business, Dress- $14.99 Macy's, super clearance + coupon
 Tights- $14.99, Target, the most I'll ever pay for stockings- these are the 'assets'/cheap spankx brand and once they're on they DON'T MOVE... didn't want to be hiking them up all day :-)  
 Storm Trooper Boots- $39.99- Von Maur, clearance shoe room * my happy place*
Standing with Congressman Harper- who has a son Livingston, who is 22 and has Fragile X (and going to an amazing college program for young adults with special needs!!!)- another priceless memory!  
Total Price $88.97

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