Friday, February 10, 2012

5 minute friday

5 Minute Friday

Today the topic is Trust. 5 minutes, no editing... on Trust.

well- i've already erased the first 2 minutes- don't trust me, clearly I don't trust myself.
today i am worried and scared and praying for a momma and daddy and entire extended family who are clinging so tight to a tiny thread of hope that their precious baby will come back, that he will beat whatever the unimaginable odds are in cases like his, and be o.k.  i want to have hope and faith and trust that all will be well. i want to.  i'm praying. i'm trying to trust that God has a plan for this, that this is his plan.  maybe.  maybe i don't really believe that, maybe i think, right now, that life is kind of like rain drops on a window, moving, moving running into each other, becoming obliterated by the next drop, scattered by the wind. no control, no rhyme or reason, no answers.  scared. so scared.  trying to trust.

the gypsy mama who started the whole 5 minute friday business... go read her post


  1. Congrats on your first FMF post! I'm your neighbor and thrilled to meet you. So sorry for this little guy and the family who wait in earnest. I pray that He gives you, and all waiting for a miracle, the gift of peace where understanding drifts far away. Blessings.

  2. Thanks for your so simple honesty...TRYING to trust...I get that...again and again was what I said today! I need to keep going there...again and again. Giving it back to Him...who is trustworthy!

  3. Congratulations on your first 5-Minute Friday! I live on the other side of Shelly (redemptionsbeauty) this week.
    I wonder what your first two minutes were like? Clearly you are with this little boy and his family in their time of need .. of panic ... of fear. Trusting God is so very hard because we have no earthly example of the depth of His love. We may never know what His plan was in this time ... we just have to trust that He weaves all together for good ... for His glory.
    May you, and this young boy's family, as you put your trust in our Savior, be filled with His peace.

  4. great job on your first "fmf"
    i love your honesty of simply trying to trust.
    blessings to you and prayers for this little one and his family

  5. Sweet honesty. Funny how honesty can encourage others. Sending prayers for this family on your heart.