Monday, April 30, 2012

a thank you, and you and you.

I love to read blogs- if you look to the right you'll see a list of my favorites.  I have a very hard time leaving a comment or reply.... especially for the posts I love the most.  The ones that make me smile.  The ones that make me cry.  The ones that make me so thankful that some one else seems to get what I'm feeling, and that they are able to put into words what I'm unable to write, even on my most eloquent days.  So thank you... thank you for continuing to write- something I've struggled with lately.  Thank you for posting pictures of happy and notes about your world.  thank you for the mundane and the amazing- the miracles and the heart aches.
Cheap Thrills #13- Gray Dress - Gap Outlet, $19.99 clearance + coupon, paper beads seed beads - $20.00, and flower for my hair- $8.99 at Bergners, on sale of course.  You can't see my feet- I'm wearing some cute black embellished sandals that cost $13.99 at Kmart- grand total= $62.97

Here's a little bit of silly for you- I just enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my Vandy girls at Rosemary Beach--- actually Inlet, Rosemary's less chi chi cousin, and I have some serious thoughts about bargains and self and life and love that came from time spent with my girls- but! Notice my sun burnt self- all with the exception of one swipe down my left arm??? Who knows- seriously, I put spf 30 on EVERYTHING... yet my left arm is the only uncrispy part of my entire body :-)  Tam, who used spf 70, and reapplied faithfully every hour or two, looks her gorgeous pale self. I'd love to tell you that it's faded evenly, but that would be false- I have an equally interesting rectangle across my throat and chest- maybe from where I held my book up to read on the beach??  oh well- it was amazing, and I loved it, and was so thankful to spend time with women who all have such trials and joys and lives filled ups and downs- I didn't have to explain every little bit- they know all my ugly, my heart aches, my happy.  thank you girls, thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxoxoxo 

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