Sunday, June 16, 2013


My Father's Father was  part of the first generation of his Family born in America.  The Maslankowski's had immigrated from Poland, had their name shortened by a boss who felt 12 letters was 6 too many to mess with, and had made their way to Chicago by the time John Florian Maslan met my Gram- a gorgeous Italian whose family was none too happy about her marrying an older man... especially one from POLAND!

Gelda Panateri and John Maslan
So lovely.   

My Mother's Father was born into a large family between the coal mines and farm fields of Southern Illinois.  He was a rowdy boy who wanted to run away and become a 'Bo-Ho' :-) He was too young to be drafted for the war, and while the older boys were away he snagged the heart of the town beauty and moved from the red dirt town of Mulkeytown, population 200, all the way to the big city of St. Louis.

Sarah Francis Annear and Owen Dean Furlow
So Gorgeous.

My amazing Father was born in Chicago- in the midst of 5 other brothers and 1 Sister.  Between  Big City Shenanigans, the Vietnam War, getting tossed then re-admitted to ISU and convincing the sweet 17 year old Freshman  to skip class for a burger at Steak and Shake, he turned into quite an awesome man.  When I think of what I have from him- my love of music and dancing,  my crazy wild fashion sense, the constant craving for change and to be on the move... not to mention my dark hair and eyes, Maslan nose, and love of rye bread,... I'm hopeful I inherited all that and more.  My daddy can speak to anyone, and walk away with a new friend.  He's kind.  He makes everyone feel included and part of the fun.  He's got a keen sense of the Greater purpose and a knowledge and wisdom of what is True and what is simply filler.  I love him and can remember singing and dancing in our kitchen, riding bikes, playing the trumpet, singing hymns in the car, and driving lessons in our enormous chevy caprice classic. Dancing with him at my wedding, holding on tight at his momma's funeral.  crying in his arms about Abe's diagnosis.  He's held every grand-baby within hours of their birth.  

how beautiful my mom and dad are- he so dark and handsome, she so fair and pretty in her mini-wedding dress. 

We are who we are because they were who they were.... pronoun crazy, but you get it, right? 

I am so thankful for the Father's I have known, the Father I have, the Husband who is an amazing Father :-)

Wishing all the daddy's in the world a wonderful day tomorrow! 


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