Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy day

 Happy 8th Anniversary to one of my favorite couples! 

no.... Molly and I aren't married- but our family would be totally amazing if we were :-) And technically, August was our 18th anniversary.... 225 Dobson Hall, Kirksville, Missouri

She and Jim were married 8 years ago today!  Tonight I  enjoyed a little humus and pretzels in their honor, along with a homemade vanilla chai latte in my mug :-) I wish them 8 to the 8th power more years of happiness.... i don't have any idea what that means, but I feel compelled to throw math verbiage in whilst speaking of the Molly ;-) 

My bebop is enjoying pre-k.  Here she is a few weeks ago,  doing some Yoga in the Gym.  Go back with the rest of the class??? NO thank you :-)  

my rotten middle man- and YES, our tree finally made it outside over break!!! WHOOOO!!! This little boy is learning like crazy- between in-depth civil war discussions and chatting about the true meaning of Easter, he's helping me grow my momma muscles.  I love his curiosity- I hope he holds on to it his entire life!!

Today was international Autism Awareness day.  My big boy does not technically (as in the Devo Ped did not give him one)  have an Autism diagnosis- although he flaps and spins and hums with the best of them, he is VERY social  <---- in his own way and on his own terms, of course :-) BUT- Autism looks a lot like Abraham... AND, even though my baby girl did NOT (as in the Devo Ped said it wasn't Autism) receive an Autism diagnosis... Autism looks a lot like Aurelia.  
SO-  while it's not something we technically live with, it's something we are very, very well acquainted with.  The slogan for today was "light it up BLUE" - and I can't think of anything bluer than my son's eyes. 

Being a momma is tricky- for ALL mommas, not just those with children with special needs. Living is hard.... good, amazing, full of joy and wonder.... and still hard.  Thinking today of those who live with an Autism diagnosis.  Praying for balance and peace.  

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