Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 You know how I was super fired up and amazingly blessed because we had raised $900?  Multiply that by a bajillion (or about 3.75)... We're at $3,385 for TEAM Z! and $6,456 overall for the walk!!!!  It's amazing.  And we still have 10 days to go.  Every. single. cent. matters.  

This  is what my mornings look like- Work out early, come home, refill water, make homemade Vanilla Chai Latte-ish drink, my favorite tropical deodorant, and a different scent each morning :-) 

HEY! i painted my front door... inside and out.  I'll show you some more pics soon, I LOVE it!  

We had a much needed get together with friends... These glasses were an inheritance :-)  

Oh, this boy.  He falls asleep with his head mashed into yours, you move and his sweet head slips back... soon we move him to the side to lay and fall into a deeeeep sleep before we move him to bed.  you see how big he is?  The Husband is 6'2" and a solid 200 pounds.  Abe is 8.  

Pray for us.  We need wisdom and grace and peace.  We'll do the same for you.  

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