Sunday, May 5, 2013

starting again, again.

Hallo- (sounds sort of Australian... which I'm not, but they are all chill, right? they don't worry too much about such a long blogging hiatus.  again. ) 
Working backwards, we've been busy- 

Great Gram turned 96!!!! wowza

sweet, sweet, babies.  tired out and cuddled up.  

can you see the stripes??? I'm a very consistently inconsistent sunscreen applier. 

on the beach- it was AMAZING... and we didn't plan the black and white thing... for real :-)  we're just in sync! but we don't really love in sync or backstreet boys... but we know some people that really, really, really DO!!

my girls.  

my X family- at the walk- from many, many states and 2 countries!!! We raised over $32,000!!!! NO WAY!!! it was amazing.  

talk about amazing?  Friends and family that ordered Papa John's - at work, for lunch, for the entire elementary school's staff, for supper, with us, miles away from us.... the over $1000 we raised for this fundraiser is part of the overall $32K.... speechless! 

good people, everywhere.  The folks at the LPA undertook a massive bracelet fundraiser with us- aren't these fantastic?? We've sold 116 so far... 

and that takes us to today.  More or less.  

a little bit of Brian Andreas- and a thank you to my Angels.... keeping me awake, teaching me about life.


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