Sunday, May 12, 2013

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Hello there, kind friends- watcha been doing??? We've been busy!!  <----- that's rather repetitive, needless information, however,  it feels even more true than usual tonight. 

I guess I like to keep many, many things in our closets... because when wednesday night rolled around and I had to remove it all- OY!!!! I knew we'd have to have every. single. little. thing. out of the bedrooms... I just didn't realize exactly how MUCH stuff that would be.  

The kids LOVED having all of our beds in the living room- it brought back many, many memories of Christmas in July... no time to explain, suffice it to say that this occurred at Truman, was very fun, and got us in a boatload of trouble.  

This was all fiiiiiinnnnneeee and dandy... Until Baby girl pulled the footboard  (rooms had to be cleared, furniture chaos) of our enourmousfreakingheavy bed over on her sweet legs, and we spent Wednesday night in the ER.  

this is how we look at 4 a.m.... waiting patiently to be discharged home.  Nothing broken, thank goodness!!! still can't run or jump but walks, mostly, without a limp!! Thursday was busy- regional track meet, kids who hadn't slept the night before, etc, etc.... we spent a lot of time  that evening hanging out on the mattresses! 

Friday was work from 5:45 to 9:30 and off to  our Md appointment at Rush in Chicago at 10!! 

big kid and I wore our blue to support some amazing friends with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  This little bump that baby girl had made me think of and pray for our friends who deal with severe joint pain and difficulty walking/running/jumping every day.  

We returned home to new carpet, and since the crib had been taken down- it was NOT going back up.  Sweet Bell amazed us, as always, by totally rocking the transition to her big girl bed!!! No tears, no drama, we read our books and she goes to sleep.... amazing.  

Amongst all the cleaning, B came across this card I had saved from our Oregon trip- sweet memories at Canyon Beach!  The Crepe's here were drool inducing.  

Saturday was our 4th annual Mother's day Zoo trip!! This was at the end... the babies were tired ( i say that like it's the reason no one was looking at the camera... hahahaha :-)) We had a wonderful time! 

We came home and the Husband and baby girl crashed- big kid was content to hang out for 20 seconds at a time then would come running to the kitchen to see what was happening with Bo and I!  I take this as a testament to how tired we all were- Bj and Aur slept for 2 hours in a rather LOUD, hectic environment :-) 

We've been using our window markers quite often- this is the message I woke up to Today :-) Middle man is getting better and better at spelling!!  Went to meeting, had lunch, TOOK A NAP * amazing, loved it, want more of it*, then off to Julie's for some Mom's day celebration with the Z side of the family!  

We're transitioning medications... our sweet, happy son is anxious and pinching and grabbing and unable to be calm in his own skin.  i'm sure the chaos in our home helps immensely, said the mom of no child ever.  working on getting it all  back together this week.     pray for us.  


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