Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Well- there's that.  The house we were looking at was sold less than 4 days after it hit the market.  Not surprised, a bit disappointed. BUT- ( you like 'em, you cannot lie) our ceilings are now painted, our flowers are planted, new carpet in on friday, deck staining on for saturday... yep. Practically a new home here.  

Big kid and I crashed last night- so much so that I didn't even know this photo was on the camera until I uploaded everything tonight!  He's feeling my pulse... or not, who knows, but it makes me smile because he is so, so, so very precious to me.  

Sweet love at the flower shop, making 'BIG BUBBLES!!!! OH WOW!!!!'

a growling tiger!!!! rooooooooaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!  Bodie boo loves to have his face painted!!!  big kid getting bounced all over creation in the back ground :-) 

you don't look like this when you paint???? why not???? geeeesh... and you can't even see the dots on my glasses.  

why aren't i tired at night?  

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  1. Bummer that you didn't get the house, but exciting that you are doing so much to your current house! Remember my dream - maybe you should put on an addition and add a full-size pool to your backyard. ;)