Tuesday, May 7, 2013


we painted our ceiling.   
we didn't argue... do we win something??? I feel like 'home improvements with your spouse' fall into the same category as 'playing spades with your spouse'.... usually you should be on different teams.... simply for safety's sake :-) My father in law painted the edging, My mom came and planted flowers- It takes a village to raise the Zelezniks!!  
We have carpet being delivered on Friday... and a home possibly on the market by Sunday!?!? 

 holy cow. 
I'm cashed out- worked from 6 am to 11am, painted for 3 hours, worked for 3 more hours, ran to B-town, bought some carpet....  which was named weekend escapade....., ran home, ate supper with the P's who had our babies ALL day long, came home, tubbies, night time, painted some more.  
cashed out.  
see you tomorrow, word friends. 

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