Sunday, May 19, 2013


my son, my Abe.... he loves mud.  he makes his own- handy and independent of him, no?  I'm taking the stance that this is building up his immune system. don't tell me if I'm wrong :-)

arts and craps again!  penguin is all ready to go for school ... Abe likes to take his head off, will most certainly let him at 3:10 pm tomorrow.  

remember how Bo wouldn't smile or look at the camera??? not so much any more!  I love, love, my days home with my babies.... I might be ready for a walk  ( to California) by 6 pm, but I will treasure these memories and dog pile snuggles with them.  

cheese!!! We're awake far too early here... but The Husband is busy, busy with end of school year, end of spring season, so we all wake up and hang out to-ge-ther.  

sometimes you just need a snuggle right. now.  My Bell is not too shy to tell me when and exactly how she would like to be nuzzled- see her little hands?  here momma, she says with her sweet hands, kiss my cheek and hold me tight.  love. love. love. 

friends- we are good.  we are taking this medication business in stride.  we are looking toward the future.  we are praying.  we are staying calm and close to one another.  
doesn't mean I don't freak out every now and then... simply means I trust the future to God's hands. 


  1. LOVE those pictures of you with all three gorgeous kiddos! Best Mom Ever!

  2. Ha :-) not at all... but a thankful mom, none the less! xo