Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Go! Go, Go, Go, Goooooooo!!! With a list, of course

You’ve been patient… you’ve waited and wrapped and saved. You’ve given what you wanted to give, donated to worthy causes, maxed out your Roth IRA contributions and you still have a bit of change in your coat pocket, cash from your stocking, or gelt from Hanukkah that is yours to do with what you will… ahhhh (insert smiles here… and bubbles of excitement)

Deals abound this week and the selection is amazing so take 10 minutes and do some crafty planning and plotting for 2012.

1. Remember that spring is right around the corner, and while we are doing our best to live in the now, you probably have enough sweaters to get you through to May- eye everything on the clearance rack with a thought towards warmer days, while keeping in mind that styles will change and the new color palettes will be coming out within the next few weeks.. Think Black and White and Green and Blue and Yellow- black and white are year round basics (uh huh, you COULD write this blog too!), and spring is always full of greens and blues and yellows.

2. Birthdays- Toys will be on sale this week- really, really, really on sale. Buy 1 or 2 things that you know your kiddos will love when their birthdays roll around… you could think about next Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza, but remember storage is limited and tastes change as children grow.

3. Do you have a fantastic pair of shoes/pair of pants/sweater/skirt etc etc that sits in your closet because you don’t have anything to wear them/it with?? take a mental picture with you and scavenge for something that will make that item work, and hopefully go with a few other pieces in your closet as well.

4. We’ve had a rather mild winter here, but soon enough I imagine we will be hammered with snow/sleet/freezing rain and possibly left over reece’s peanut butter cups falling from the sky - Coats are on sale. Make sure you buy a news paper to have every possible store coupon to combine with the 50-60% off mark down and you could soon be in possession of quite a bargain.

5. If you don’t have enough wrapping paper/bows/storage containers- nows the time to make those purchases. Again, think about the events coming up- buy paper that works just as well for birthdays as it does for holidays. Clear storage containers work well for organizationally challenged folks such as myself, and remember to clearly mark all tubs with detailed information to cut down on time spent rummaging.

Just a few of my favorite places that are offering amazing deals:

Crazy8- (the bargain momma’s gymboree) everything in the store is 11.99 and under

OshKosh and Carters- take 20% off all clearance for sales up to 85% off original prices

Children’s Place- Today only 30% off everything making sale items up to 80% off.

Target- everything’s on sale… electronics, clothing, toys etc

Old Navy- up to 75% off in stores

Loft- 50% off everything (excludes some new merchandise… )

Pier 1- up to 50% off decor - think ‘winter’ vs. ‘Christmas’ to have items that can be displayed from December- March

That’s the fluff and flutter for today- come back tomorrow for meaning and depth :-)

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