Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On a Mission for Mommas... thoughts, in no particular order

Christmas time, Hanukkah, Kwanza… time to go and time to give! Parties galore and presents without end. This year, though, I’ve been more than touched by several friends who are in serious situations… babies with cancer, amazing mommas of special needs kiddos who (the mommas themselves) are battling life threatening and life shortening disease. Fantastic single mom friends who have NO help- no support, no one to laugh at the crazy days and make the awful seem bearable, no one to wipe the tears away. And more… many more who have so little it makes my heart hurt.

Me? I am lucky… I’m blessed, don’t get me wrong, but in regards to this topic, I’m lucky. I have an amazing mom and dad who help in more ways then i can count- they KNOW my babies, they watch my babies… they UNDERSTAND this crazy Fragile X life that holds pockets of stress and stretches of tears, and they support us through it all. My Husband- B- the one I will always be in love with, the one who wrestles the babies and calms down my crazy and can clean a floor better than any merry maid I’ve ever met. A job I love that pays me well. A school district that rocks my socks off, meeting the needs of both my sweet big boy A and his myriad of needs, and my middle man B and his super brain… seriously lucky.

So we give… some here and some there- always to FRAXA and to the National Fragile X Foundation,…always to St. Jude and Operation Smile…. always to Wounded Warrior and the Alzheimer’s Foundation. And yet I want to GIVE give now too… to my inlaws and coworkers and children and friends. The most obvious way to make it all work is to cut down, and I mean WAY down, on my little shopping habit… or addiction… or pastime, call it what you will, it takes too much money away from things that truly matter.

So every *cheap thrill* will cost less than $20. And along the way, we’ll debate the merits of forking out the cash for 1 quality item vs. 1 bargain- because that’s the point, folks. This is not an ‘acquire all you can’ bargain hunt. This is a ‘what do I need that will look AMAZING, and what kind of bargain can I find’ kind of blog.

I’m ready for all my field editors to jump on board- help a sister out, post a pic and a price. mix and match and make it fabulous.

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