Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sale, Sale, the Gangs all here!

So everything is pretty much on sale… but what’s really, REALLY a bargain? Not the 15% off, that’s for sure, and not really the buy 1 get one 50% off because even those non math lovers amongst us can figure out that it’s only 25% off each item… I want BIG sales, BIG deals… minimum with sale + coupon of 50% off. Today Old Navy is offering some pretty sweet deals- some sweaters on sale with an additional 30% off when you use the code ‘holiday’, bringing the total down from the original price of 32.50 to $10.50 ! Not a bad deal for some thing that you can dress up or dress down as the mood strikes- and I’m guessing, based on loads of past experience, you might find an even better deal in the store! As most company’s now have ‘2 separate stores’- one brick and mortar, one online, the prices are sometimes, read ALL THE TIME, different. If you go into Gap, you may find the same item marked down a bit more than it was online, or you might not find it all… because if it’s on sale it might be sold out- such is the plight of the bargain hunter.

Loft currently has 50% off EVERYTHING online only, which, if you’re a seasoned shopper, you know it means that soon enough everything IN the store will be 50% off as well. I subscribe to every email from every store I’ve ever shopped at. When I’m not ‘shopping’ for anything, they go into the ‘coupon’ folder in my hotmail account to be browsed through at my leisure and to remind me that patience is a virtue… everything eventually goes on sale (smile).

If there’s a particular item you want, good search it first to check out your options (and if you don’t have a charity that you are partial to, I’d love for you to use FRAXA of the National Fragile X Foundation :)), go to the website and check the price, call the store and ask if they have a better offer- factor in shipping, or for those stores further away, think about gas and drive time.

And now for the BIG question- if it’s on sale- really, really, really, on sale… and it’s cute/amazing/unique… but I don’t NEED it… should I buy it? Should I take that $10 and give it to St. Jude instead? You can only wear 1 skirt at a time, (well, i guess you could wear more, and if you do and it looks fantastic, post a picture so i can see it) and if you have one at home that you love, that will go with the button down, the sweater, and the batwing lace blouse.. Put it down, walk away, and give yourself a mental hug and a pat on the back- then IMMEDIATELY, go online and make your donation. Do good, have less. Be fantastic inside and out.

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