Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How Many Chances Does One Shirt Get?

ow many times will you take a shirt from your closet, put it on… belt it, unbelt it, throw a cardi on top, take the cardi off, straighten the hem, unbutton the top button… and then hang the shirt back up? How many times before you decide that really? Really this shirt is not for me.

How many chances does a pair of jeans get… just because they didn’t work today with the black sweater, they MIGHT work tomorrow with the hot pink top and black cropped jacket… How many months does it take for you to say ‘that’s it! off to Goodwill with you!’ Case in Point- the cami in Cheap Thrills #2. I bought it from Loft in 2008 with an adorable green sweater- velvet bows on the pocket, pin tucks at the shoulders… cutesy, almost. And *of course* I bought it all on sale. The green sweater still lurks in the back of my closet, I can’t tell you the last time I actually touched it, much less attempted to wear it outside my house. The cami is a different story- it’s unique, has presence without being overbearing, and SHOULD be good under a multitude of jackets/cardigans that i own… so why, until I put my mind to it, don’t I ever wear it? Why haven’t I given it away long before now, considering the fuchsia cross over sweater BRAND NEW from Limited this year, was worn for, maximum, 4 hours and tossed right in the give away bag (GAB). What makes you hang on vs. toss… nothing sentimental in this case, no sweet memories attached to the spaghetti straps or lacey trim.

The brown tiered skirt is a staple… that’s right, people, a $19.99,TJ Maxx STAPLE of my wardrobe for years. I wear it with a tank and flip flops in the summer, sweaters or jackets in the winter. In fact , if you looked closely- which you won’t because I won’t let you- you’d see small holes along the seams at the tiers. I’m not so great with a needle and thread but if there’s a rip on the seam I can take of that business lickety split. And I will mend this skirt and wear it until it falls completely apart or the style has gone the way of the butterfly collar (some of you may think this has already happened, and I’m ok with that).

With my new plan in place, this question, which I totally know you’ve asked yourself, becomes more relevant. Since I’ll not be buying new clothes at the rate I used to, I want to utilize what I already have in my closet- mix and match, wear old with new and make it mine, make it fabulous at no added cost.

So what have you held onto that you don’t, really, wear? What will, barring a flood or swarm of cotton eating locust, remain in your closet until your daughter says “hey mom, can i wear that?”

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