Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Progress Made... Be Present

Remember a week or so ago when I started this blog- there were places, important places, I wanted my money to go. To update, and keep myself honest, progress is being made! I’ve signed up to run (don’t be crazy, I’ll be doing a lot of walking) the 2012 Illinois Marathon- ( for me the 10K) for Landon’s Dragon Slayers/ St. Jude.

We increased our annual donations to the NFXF, and FRAXA. We’ve made our family reservations for Grizzly Jacks Water Park to enjoy a 2 night stay before Christmas- the focus here being on spend less, do more.

I’ve even been to the mall and not succumbed to the well researched, well funded hype and ambiance… only buying what I had gone in looking for- gifts to send to those in scary situations. I feel a little, no… I think it’s true to say, I feel a lot calmer and happier this year. I’ve bought local and handmade- not for everything, or even as much as I’d like, but more than last year. I’ve followed the ‘one less’ gift mantra as written about by an amazing momma whose sweet daughter is battling cancer.

Will my kids notice a drop in the sheer volume of gifts they’ll receive? doubt it- baby A is going to love her tricycle, middle B will be absolutely fired up about EVERYTHING, and big boy A will glance at, then gently set aside all new toys in favor of his v-tech book that he’s had since he was 18 months old. Hubby and I will be PRESENT.. we will focus on playing with our beautiful babies, enjoying toys new and old, focused on the people that our children currently are NOW.. in the present.

I’m working on that… on living in the here and now because you have no guarantee, no promise for tomorrow. Your kids, your parents, your friends, will value your presence, your focus on the NOW, and the memories made far more than they will any item you could wrap up and give. Be here… live now… be present.

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