Wednesday, December 5, 2012

40 Days- Day 14... technically 15, whatevs!

So I have two Day 11's.... and I'm all good with that :-) And spell check wants to make 'whatevs' into 'wharves'...very, very similar- a  boss fishing woman, for sure!

TODAY was a good day :-)   For many moons (or 3 weeks) I've been finding new (to me), amazing blogs over at the The Pleated Poppy.  Every Wednesday they host a little link up and folks post their outfit pics - outfit of the day, several for the week, whatever.... and I've wanted to LINK UP....but.  But I'm not taking pictures of myself in cute outfits (ok, ok, I'm barely wearing anything cute at the moment) and I can't seem to find time to take a picture before 10 pm... anywho, I'd promised myself that I would link up... so here it is :-)

WOW!!! isn't that EXCITING?????  YOU know- wild and crazy speech language pathologist in her scrubs??? 

How about this one??? Wild and crazy mom of 3 post workout??? Sweaty hair and messy house included Free of charge :-)  Riveting.   

And my HUSBAND???? Because his nightly ice cream creations aren't enough temptation, tonight while I was a the replex he made Chocolat chip cookie bars from Two Peas and their Pod.  

still trying for a pic from this wild man.  Tonight it was 'Momma, let's be Aardvark's', so we were.  

You know how all of a sudden it's way too quiet and then you find your fully dressed 2 year old in the tub??  Yep, thought you did :-)  She said 'wait! water! swimming!' .  for real. 

Big kid- all 'whew! momma! Baby in the tub! clothes and all!' um hmmmm.... but not a 'mmmm' or a 'iiiiiiiiiii' when she was climbing in! 

I do believe they are in cahoots.  

Stats for the day!
1. sweat time- 53 minutes- 30 minutes on the stair climber, 23 minutes lifting.  
2. Calories- 505

3. Money spent.... ok.  see, the Husband needs news dress shoes so I was innocently browsing around Zappos when I came upon these boots.  I haven't bought them yet.... but I most likely will! I think they will be amazing with dresses, skirts, skinnies and flares- EVERYTHING :-)  and I clearly need more boots.... 

Happy Wednesday. 
Keep praying. 

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