Saturday, January 5, 2013

40 Days- Day 40!

well- here I am... done with 40 +/- 3 days of consecutive posting :-)

What good has come from this challenge?  

1. these posts have encouraged me to exercise
2. these posts have enabled me to think beyond the little moments of 'thisiscrazy,todayiscrazy,mywholelifeiscrazy'
3. these posts have helped remind me about the amazing in the right now

Not bad for a bit of time spent typing each night!! 

Tonight our neighbor gave us 5 free tickets to the Bloomington Blaze Hockey Game!

Dad, myself, and the three kiddos had a great time!! check out his coolio NFXF hat!

lovin' the crazy ices!!

It was big fun for the little bitty's - they all did such a great job!! We had popcorn (not a surprise :-)) danced to the music, enjoyed the sugary treats, and left after an hour and a half with everyone still happy and not completely stuck to the seats!  

I feel like I should have some big proclamation or wrap up for this challenge... but my life right now seems a bit in limbo.   Still no finalization regarding the new job, big MD appointment for baby girl in 4 days, amazing middle man in his first real power struggle, precious big kid and his party right around the corner (thanks for letting me vent)...really, that's how it always is, right?? 

Life's about the journey (that's what they say)- as long as your living, you're in the MIDST of something.  

so no pretty package tied up neatly with a bow- even though my list loving heart would like something with all the items checked off, that's not what it feels like right now, so that's not what we'll (me+lint) say. 

I'm taking a few days to figure out where it is I'm going... what i need to focus on- what i want to write about.  

I hope you are in the midst of many things.  I hope that you have lists and ideas for 2013.  I hope you have direction and focus and plans :-)  

I'll be back to share mine with you soon.- here's a few of my favorites from today- all via Pinterest



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