Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gratitude- :-)

Today is the last day of my gratitude challenge- I've missed MANY days- but that's coolio :-)  no stress about something that I want to use to relieve tension and help me focus, focus, dominocus.  I'm grateful for the opportunities to type- when they comes, for the chance to write a bit at night when the kiddos go to sleep and my brain starts to wander.  

Today was corporate takeover day #1 at work- Old company came and packed every.thing. up.  including the coatrack....

New company comes tomorrow and hopefully, it will be a seamless transition <--------- hahahahahahah ohmagoodness, i almost said that with a straight face :-)  It's gonna be wild and full of obnoxious amounts of paperwork.  Some people will no longer be employed full time, some people increased their hours. oof.  what a day!! 

Here are my plans for February.  

I've made all sorts of lists this month- things I love, things I want to change in our current home, what we want in a new home, what I want for my children in the coming year, what I want for my marriage, what I'm grateful for here and now, what amazes me about my babies, what makes me laugh and smile and dance....  in other words, everything under the sun.  

Here are three things that, to borrow a bit from Oprah, I know for sure-
1. exercise makes me happy
2. Now that I know about vanishing edge underwear, I refuse to ever, ever, have visible panty lines
3. We are ALL a work in progress.... keep going.  

Thanks to my lovely kindle, i read a new book last night and had 2.75 hours of sleep total out of the last 42 hours.... so I'm off to bed and wishing you a wonderful February :-)  see you soon!

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