Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gratitude- Day 8, haircuts

Happy Sunday!  I gotta tell ya- I am really, really digging this 'no work on the weekend' business!! Two weekends in a row with no travel, paperwork, or personnel concerns- ahhhhhhh :-) And even more important- Meeting, Time with the kids, the husband, the parents, and friends!  

Pardon all the tired eyes, we're still recovering from cooking, organizing, partying- but our Party Hats are still going strong!! Bebop loves them and would really prefer to have one on 95% of the time... and for momma to wear one too, of course :-)  here she is fresh from the tub- 'Hat on!'

Bo has finally figured out that I'm willing to take a TON of pictures, multiple times during the day, in order to get a good one... so he may as well smile  right off the bat so I'll move on :-) Don't he and Abe look so handsome with their new haircuts?? Bo's hair grows so quickly!!  He and I roamed around outside in the freezing cold today, and discussed our upcoming gardening plans- we have a 9x2 foot plot that we take very, very, seriously... w're expecting 2013 to bring us a bumper crop! 

Did I mention tired eyes?? Big kid is rocking in his sleep- love his hand on his daddy's...  The husband is such a wonderful daddy, and has been a great help this weekend (as he always is) with keeping everything running smoothly and happily along.  

1. Sweat time- 38 minutes- running and stairclimber today- oof!! 
2. Calories burned- 400... confession, as soon as I saw 399 on my heart rate monitor, I stopped.  That was my goal for today, and once it was met, I was OUT! 
Wish me luck, tomorrow I start my morning workouts as the Husband will be busy supervising, running tournaments, coaching etc. until June!!! and I'm determined to stay focused with the exercise!


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