Monday, January 28, 2013

Gratitude... where are we???

Hello!!! ....- WHOAH!!! I took a bit of a hiatus- why?  
Because my life was starting to feel a bit like the picture below- 
very happy, but out. of. control.
 going, going, going.  
laughing, laughing, laughing... but not, at all, in focus.  
So... i took a break.  

I learned about avocados and tannin- -  the bio-molecule that is stored in high amounts inside the avocado seed and, when exposed to air, turns red... science is so cool :-) <---- said the happy nerd. This picture has NO point... except that I love it.  and that's enough.  

Why is it I still don't know where to look when taking sweaty obnoxious  gorgeous self pics??
and why aren't my eyebrows symmetrical?  

I've been doing a LOT of this-  thanks to and our fantastic Replex.   
Stats for the day:
1. Sweat time- 51 minutes!  finished couch to 5k week 3, day 2- with my own modifications to make it a little harder but not enough to kiiiiiillllll me.  Lean arms on fitness blender, as well as 5 minute sprint a lap, walk a lap, and a 5 minute Ab workout.  
2. Calories burned- 554!! you know how it is... running kicks my butt. for real.  and it's still sore... now.   for real.  

Dad and I went to a super fun 9 pin no tap (uh huh.... I had NO IDEA!) fund raiser for Fragile X set up by my amazing friend Holly... actually, it set up by her 2 wild and crazy friends- how AMAZING is that???

anywho- here's my serious bowling face... did NOT help, I found out that I still really stink at bowling... and Holly with her Strike in the background! 

no smiles from silly boy when I volunteered in his classroom... but look at those gorgeous eye lashes!! he is so stinking pretty   handsome!

We spend a LOT of time together... close together.  anything that happens, wherever it happens... we do it together :-)  with a spatula.  

sweet baby has decided she must be on my lap... always.  and yes, that is pretty much a gallon of chemical wonderfulness in a love's cup that I sluped up throughout the day... aaaaaannnnnnndddd a medicine bottle that the peanut is chewing on.  Mother of the year.  

I am thankful, thankful, thankful,  for the reminder that I need to take time to take care of myself.  I tell people at work ALL THE TIME 'you have to give yourself time to heal'  'you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of anyone else'  'you are the heart of your family, and if the heart is not healthy, the body can't function'  <---- i've done a wonderful job of ignoring this when it comes to myself.  I'm working on this.  I'm working on figuring out a way to fit things in, to have time to workout and not feel guilty, to take time to be quiet and ALONE and not feel like i've abandoned ship. ... i'm working on it.  
 long post.  thanks for reading :-)  
pray for each other.  

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