Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gratitude- Day 8- PARTY :-)

WOW!!! What a great day :-)  
We had a blast at Abe's party at the Replex!  We swam for the first hour-

doing everything under the sun including a few crazy games of 'Man from Mars' 

push feet with gram!- Abe had such a great day- I think all the kids could have stayed in the pool the entire time!

baby girl is a swimmy fish!  Put that puddle jumper on her and away she goes!

What a fun class of kids!!

moved on to the cupcakes- Elmo decorations here and there :-)

rotten boy- even with the cupcakes and juice boxes I still can't get a smile! 

more revelers- possibly the only time they were quiet- when we were passing out and consuming food! 

our birthday boy!!

chit chatting with these sweet girls- and adding goldfish to cupcakes!

baby bell wanted everyone to have a 'party hat'- including baby Will!  

sweet kiddo! our precious first born. 

finally- after everyone had left and we were cleaning up, Abe decided he DID want a cupcake :-)  love that chocolate face! 

The kiddos in Abe's class definitely know my big kid- he had presents of goldfish and popcorn galore!  These were 2 of the sweet cards from his friends.  

Between the swimming, eating, throwing bags, and balloons going crazy in the high-powered fan, I think all the kids had a wonderful time!  I was so thankful for each one that came- the kids in Abe's class, his amazing 1:1 aide, our neighborhood and football friends, and all the parents too!! 

I am really glad that Abe's party went so well- I worry that some of this stress and grief has led me to  become more pessimistic or at the very least, more of  a doubting Thomas, when I really, REALLY need and want to be an optimist.  Days like today, and my January focus, help me remember to look at what can go RIGHT, what is AMAZING, what I am THANKFUL for :-)  

1. Sweat time- 40 minutes spent with my friends at Fitness Blender completing Kettle bell until you Drop!
2. Calories burned- 278- not bad, and a good way to end  a crazy fun day! 


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  1. Momma has a HAPPY FACE! In these pix - EYES TOO! Love love love that!!!