Sunday, January 6, 2013

GRATITUDE- Day 2- birthdays and gainful employment!

today was a good day :-)  a happy birthday to my amazing Abraham- 8 years old and  the sweetest kid you could ever hope to meet!
sister swiped his birthday car and middle man was just waking up... love that happy smile!

we believe in streamers at our house :-) 

a ball popper!!! I'm sure he was excited on the inside- he's simply much to dignified to show it on the outside ;-)

Abe got new theraputty- complete with quarters hidden inside!! I swear, Bo can smell money from a mile away!! The elementary school librarian was talking to the children about collections, tying it all into a book they were reading- she asked Bo what he collected and he said 'dollar bills'!! oy!! any who, Abe was excited to work with his new putty- and car and ball popper all at the same time :-) 

I totally have heels on-  this boy is getting so tall!!! Happy, happy birthday to my Abraham!!

We had dinner with mom and dad after meeting- with presents and happy birthday cupcakes, a visit with bj's folks this evening- with more presents :-) and phone calls from all aunts and uncles.  Birthday party plans are all in place- Big boy loved his gifts and had a wonderful day!  

Last night I received a call from my soon-to-be new boss-  They met my rate and welcomed me to the company!!! WHEW!!! 

See you all tomorrow!  Pray for your family and friends- I'm praying for you.

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  1. What a great day! I am happy Abe had a good birthday and you got good news on the job front! Hooray!