Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gratitude- Day 5. such as it is

Today I am thankful for exercise.  it clears my crazy brain and energizes my body and mind.
Rec league volleyball started tonight... bad news: I still stink at volleyball.  You'd think, that after 10 months of absolutely NO practice or even so much as glancing at a volleyball, I would have magically improved- this was not the case :-)
good news:  it's still lots of fun-with-friends and good exercise.

STATISTICS- adding them back in for the next 21 days- because the endorphins and what not help keep me happy !!!
1. sweat time- 63 minutes
2. calories burned -387


  1. Since you are so thankful for exercise, I think you should run the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon with me on April 7. Think of how thankful you can be then! LOTS of exercise! Kitty and Connie are coming in for it. Jim, Sara, Bev, Colleen, and some others are doing it too. Do it!