Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gratitude- Day 6. motivation

Playing birthday beads in the back of my small vehicle-they're all smooshed together and they're all good with it... ok, sometimes they're all good with it, sometimes I have to pull the car over and count to 10 so I don't scream, then move Abe to the front and get going. <---- reason #1 a mini-van may be in our future. 

got it?  

... truth... 

I went to B/N to get goody bag treats and baking material for Abe's birthday party and tonight and saw these sweet Giraffes at Target. 
They made me think of baby Grant.  

We think we have time... we think we have years and years...  and we don't.  

Time is fleeting- tomorrow is not promised.  get going.  


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  1. Thanks, Amy! I looks like I will be making a trip to Target to stock up on the giraffe-themed Valentine's day items.

    It is amazing how much the brevity of Grant's life (175 days) puts the rest of our lives in perspective. Thanks so much for keeping Grant and our family in your thoughts!