Friday, January 11, 2013

Gratitude- Day 7- an outing

The Husband had to supervise tonight so Mom, Dad, The KIDs and I went to B-town.  Our purpose for this trip was to measure EVERYONE's feet (ok, just the kids... and yes, it really does seem to take one adult per child at this point)  as shoes have grown tight- along with wrists showing out the end of long sleeves and ankles peeking out the bottom of pants.  

When I tell you our trip was a little crazy.... i mean it was a souped up clown car with duely back wheels and a glass pack on the exhaust pipe kind of crazy.  for real.

I don't know if peanut is getting an ear infection (the PED DEVO noted fluid in her tubeless ear and the amount of clingy has been over-the-top here lately), anywho... she decided she wanted shoes, Hunter Rain boots to be specific, and she wanted them on her feet Right NOW!!! NOW! NOW! NOW!!!! oy (no idea where she gets this from... no. idea. :-)).  and then she didn't want ANYTHING on her feet....  and we were those people with the screaming crying toddler in the beautifully quiet store with the piano player.  yup.  

picture post working on ADL skills and doing a little painting- gorgeous face.  

Big kid did a great job sitting calmly on the couches... but , really??? take off my shoes here?!?  no.  thank. you.   and don't touch the toes either!  We're guestimating on size and getting ready to embark on an internet hunt for cool dude size 4 boy's shoes with velcro... any ideas?

I don't know if it was the shoe/toe thing or the trying to pour hot sauce and salt & pepper on everything at dinner that wore him out... but he was DONE IN!!!

Middle man LOVES the shoe store- big love.  loves to slide on his socks around the shiny tiles, digs the couches, likes to measure his feet... really!! he loves it all! he came out the big winner- police car shoes that flash in so many places he's practically a walking strobe light!  

How does he have so much energy?? We got home and he immediately began ping ponging like crazy (yes.  inside. against the door.  not lightly, either) Then he switched to a bouncy ball, then to a football. for real.  

sprinkle cupcakes are baked for the big party!! 

I KNEW I needed this 24 pack of markers and the circle stickers!!! 

to make the 'Quarters for Fragile X' jug, of course :-)   

alright- so tired.  Sorry for the lack of post yesterday but I downloaded a book... and you know, this darn Kindle makes it way too convenient to read a book until all hours of the morning... so yeah, maybe that's why i'm tired, too :-)

I'm thankful that we keep going places, doing things- it would be very, very easy for me to simply say 'forget IT!!' we're staying home... but how will anyone ever learn about the world around us if we stay in our safe, calm little spot on Elm?? How will the world learn to understand work with our differences if they never see the good, bad, and ugly that comes with the awesome, amazing, and confusing that is our life??  

get going!

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