Friday, November 9, 2012

12 days- Day 1.

because I like cramming things together- 12 days.  12 workouts.  12 posts.  12 things I'm thankful for.  12 outfits.  no days off.  Because why be rational and take it one step at a time?

 Clearly, that's not me.

If there's one thing this angergriefstress has been good for-------> my closet is full to the brim.  I don't smoke or drink to excess so I'm going with the whole 'shopping as stress relief' excuse.  And since I'm still not quite sure I'm ready to move all the way forward just yet, I'm saving my 'no shopping, work with what you have' pep talk for a later date.... i can just feel the anticipation rolling off ya. for reals.   OK!!!


 1.  Workout- 30 minutes on the stair climber.  kicks my booty.  30 mins reading my book while riding the exercise bike..... still counts.

2.  Thankful for-
Friday night excitement :-) They won't fit in the tub all together much longer.  Bubbles. oh my goodness.  Abe dumped the bottle in and we had about 4+ inches of good times! 

My new amazing Panther mug from   Sandy's Secret Wednesdays  :-)  I LOVE it!! keeps my ice water COLD all day long (ok, ok, my coke zero.... jeeesh)

3.  Outfit- technically this was from last  many, many weeks ago... cheating on day 1 but just recommitted to the blog after my workout/shower so this is one that I shared with my leopard print loving friends Cindi and KQ 

1.  Teal ruffle front shirt loft, bought on serious sale and used my rewards (if you're going to drive 88 miles+ each day, put your gas on your LOFT card and buy clothes with your rewards :-) ... or airline tickets.... hmmmm) whatever, it came out to $14.99 and I lurve it.
2.  Black Leopard print cardi- Loft, same deal, coupon + rewards $17.99
3.  Brown Belt- WALMART!! $7.99 and brown and black all mixed together (can't slow me down), because you know that on my feet I am wearing my favorite boots of ever and ever-!! $12.00
4.  Jeans- oops......  see, this pair of jeans from express were not in any way on sale... but I love them and have worn them like crazy since I purchased them in July.... retail therapy, retail therapy.  

Day 1 is in the books.  writing, even about these things that are so, so, so very unimportant (with the exception of my babies), makes me happy.   see you tomorrow.

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