Thursday, November 15, 2012

12 Days- Day 7.

Well Hellooooooo :-)  nice of you to head back this way!  I'm just home from bunco and ready to enjoy my oatmeal cookies and milk with my friend Molly-
Not really- she's in STL and I'm here in Le Roy but I am using my mug from her rehearsal dinner and missing her.  This picture was taken when we went down for a visit this summer- It was great to see her and a few other friends that, unfortunately, I don't see as often as I'd like.  Please ignore the bags under my eyes and the glaze over them- a. we've already talked about it b. this was before we had Abe on his new (and by far most effective to date) sleep medicine regimen and I was t.i.r.e.d. 

Any who
1. Workout... ok... this may be a stretch... but I chased Abe and Aurelia around the replex while Bo had soccer practice... and I wiped sweat from my forehead so I'm counting it.  My work day was crammed with far more administrative duties than actual patient care, Team meeting right after school for my big kid, so right to the gym for soccer then off to bunco-  they say that laughter is just as necessary as exercise, and I certainly laughed a lot tonight! 

2. I'm thankful for my friends.  far away, across the street, those i talk to daily, those I see or talk to once a month or once a year.  I'm thankful for friends that are family- friends that disagree with me, friends that fill me up when i feel empty and friends that make me laugh.
and the fact that he's clearly trying to lick the enamel off her teeth just makes me laugh some more!

3. outfit- brace yourself! I decided I couldn't flashback anymore so I took this picture at 1130 pm.- no make up, hair used to be done, enormous comfy sweater added to ward off the cold... winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

1. Top from express... just now realizing I'm wearing the exact same shirt, in green, in my picture with Molly :-)  I LOVE this top- it flows, it's a bit longer, it's silky, has cool buttons... yeah.... i love it!
2. Sweater-  from Meijer... I think this is how you know you have a problem... when you pick up a sweater or shirt or whatever, while waiting in line... a ridiculously long line... and it was right there... and doesn't shed like this one did- drove me CRAZY! Maybe it's a bit large... who cares.  It's warm and soft and comfy and I'm loving it right now.  

Alright- back to real sweat tomorrow.  Off to bed for now- seriously busy Friday coming up!! 
Make it amazing! Pep, pep, Pep, PEP!!!

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  1. LOVE this post! :) I was missing you last night, too, and almost called but it was kind of late. I am glad you still use your mug from our rehearsal dinner. Have a GREAT Friday! We are headed to Lake Shelbyville for the weekend. Come over and say hi! ;)