Saturday, November 17, 2012

12 Days- Day 9.

just barely under the wire!! fun, busy day with Soccer, Soma, Target, Thai House, friends, cards and FOOOOOOOOD!!! Oh. my. goodness.  my belly is about to burst!! I made these fantastic nutter butter balls, ate roasted hotdogs, 'That Darn Dip', deer sausage, and roasted GIGANTIC MARSHMALLOWS!! so yeah... that leads us right to

This is me... feeling all empowered by my exercise... or, pumping myself to be quickly eliminated from the Fragile X bags tournament.... whichever.  

1. Workout- jalking.  I'm just giving myself the 'j' since I would run 3 walk 1.5 and so on... maybe next week it will be 'jolking' :-) It was a gorgeous day and I enjoyed the exercise... what?? enjoyed it??? yes.  I think this challenge is HELPiNg me ENJOY the sweat :-)

2. Why didn't I remember that we own Native American Costumes??? For the Native American Museum YESTERDAY????  still  a gorgeous boy today :-)

and my sweet owl who likes to carry her momma's historical romance novels all around the neighborhood... 

faithful friends- no costumes, please and thank you, says Abe, beautiful all on his own! 


Thankful for the reminder these three give me to LIVE IN THE PRESENT!!! make it good!!!

3. Outfit-... once again- hair done, heels on, all put together... NO PICTURE!!! so I'm sharing another from our amazing Portlandia Adventure- though we are NOT in Portland here, we are at  Cannon Beach!

Goodnight, bloggity bloggers.  Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! 

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