Wednesday, November 21, 2012

12 Days- Day 12.

Yesterday I told myself/you/whomever to SHUT UP and be thankful... and I hope you understand what I meant.  But because I'm afraid those words could be taken the wrong way,  I want to clarify- I don't want you not to talk about your hurts and your tears and your struggles.  I want you to live in the light... even if it's uncomfortable and not the  socially acceptable 'chin up buckaroo' thing to do.  It's ok to  have heartaches and pains and little tiny experiences that steal your breath because it makes you think 'what if'. It's ok to acknowledge your scars and your broken spaces.  It's necessary-  Kept inside it will fester and burn and steal your joy.

 remember what you DO have.  remember to water your grass. remember to give thanks to God above for what is amazing. right. now. in whatever spot you may be.  Why do I write to 'you' when I really mean 'me'?

 Here's a pretty cool clip about being 'whole hearted'

1. workout- Butts and Guts at the Replex. Loved it.  Total Body Tuesday or some such business and my legs are shaking.

2.  I'm thankful that we don't just dance in the rain, we have a mental map of where the puddles are and we seek them out.  we run our fingers through them, stir them with sticks, let them pass the top of our boots and soak our socks.  We have grabbed this life for what it is and focused on making it our own. making it amazing.

3. outfit- thpfffttttt. nothing.  
just a reminder that what you DO, and Who you ARE is so much more important than what you Wear... 
xo.  happy challenge.  stay tuned for updates tomorrow.

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