Sunday, November 11, 2012

12 Days- Day 3.

1.  Workout- Walking.... ok, ok, ok, walking around target :-)  IT COUNTS!! whatever, it's better than sitting at home, eating all my tasty salted caramel chocolate pretzel bark. so there. And thanks to my sweet husband I walked around target, and the Loft, and TJ Maxx for about 3 hours tonight- it was fantastic :-)  I did NOT buy the dress in the link, simply because I couldn't find it.

2.  Thankful for-

Legs that work.... and I'm not being silly or glib or irreverent.  I do NOT like to run, but by GOD I am thankful that I can.  and when I do, when I'm tired, when my hips and joints and shins hurt, I think 'run for Abe, run for Abe, run for Abe. go, Go, GO!!' and I do.  I don't know if Aur will ever really run, I think she will. She's got a good start on it, about 3 or so feet pretty quick.  Once her hips straighten out we'll see.  Goodness knows that  my Bo can run... and run and run and run and run! Abe gets some high knees every now and then... not a true run just yet.  I'm thankful I can run.  I know I'm not smooth, and right now I surely do jiggle a lot as I go galloping around, and you can most likely hear me from 50 yards back (loooouuuuuud breathing... really, reallly LOUD! BREATHING!) but I go, and I do it with a thankful heart.

I just want to squeeze these gorgeous chubby cheeks :-)  makes me smile every time!

3. Outfit-  why yes, that IS the bathroom at Von Maur.... so I walked around Target, the Loft, Tj Maxx and Von Maur, geesh.  more exercise!  And it was pouring rhinos and giraffes and I have no make up on and the flash is conveniently covering up my large zit (wasn't even planned, just a pleasant surprise!!)
1.  Cardigan from Loft- clearance in 2008 (see below picture) $19.99
2.  Denim shirt from Canvas, don't be thinking I payed full price, bought it on a special deal day, used $10 dollars of my rewards points, total paid $10!!! aw yeah :-)
3.  Jeans- same ones, from express, and you can't see my BOOTS but you know which ones I'm wearing! 

look at that sweet baby.  my precious first born.  I remember sitting here, thanksgiving feast 2008, his first year of Pre-K.  bound and determined not to cry at school.  not to be sad while listening to and seeing all the others in his class, to be thankful, thankful, thankful.  fake it 'til you make it. we did.  we were a mess- those caramel rice cakes pretty much covered us head to toe by the time we got home, but we were a cuddly, happy, thankful, blessed mess.  And we still are today.  

Day 3 is done.  tomorrow is Monday.  see you then. 

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