Thursday, November 22, 2012

40 Days- 40 ways

Welcome back - a brand new challenge.  a brand new plan.... but for now I'm so stinking tired that it will have to wait til tomorrow to be unveiled.  Right now, please pray for Grant and his family.  Please remember them.  Remember every momma and daddy and gram and gramps and brother and sister that have lost a sweet, precious soul too soon.  

bloom where you're planted... working on it. 

dark hair- highlights gone (not gonna lie, from early October)

Thankful for people that take time out of their busy schedule to do for others- We received this poster from a young man who's wrestling at Northwestern... as you can see, my Bode was FIRED UP!!

Big Boy- taking in the skyline from the top of the parking garage today at  RUSH.  

drummer girl- singing and 'BIG CLAPS'  :-)

sweet babies.

Every day, for 40 days, I'll show up.  It might not be pretty or concise or full of wit and wisdom... but I'll be here, and I'm thankful for this blog and the stress relief and focus it gives me.  

happy almost thanksgiving.  see you tomorrow.  

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