Wednesday, November 28, 2012

40 Days- Day 8.

If it was 'oy' before, it is 'OY A VEY!!' today.  Back to work then home with my sweet, snotty babies.

This kid has apparently forgotten that he was supposed to be the sickest one of all... and is back to his happy, scoundrel self. - Note the decorations... we are bit by bit putting our snowmen out, and after the weather today it feels very, very appropriate.  

1. sleep- I'm writing this now so i can go to bed earlier... so. tired. 
2. nutrition- fine.  except for the plethora of oreos.  whatever
3. exercise- i don't really need to tell you that i did NOT exercise today... oy.
4. outfit-
stylin- i do love the top- from loft, and the sweet sleepy boy on my left and the baby love grabbing my nose. 

5. I'm thankful that i have rainbows and unicorns flying out my arse- mostly, this optimism serves me well and helps me focus on the happy.   It helps me find the positive (and keep from kicking people) at work, at home, and inside my brain.  

here's to another day.  hope you all escape this virus.  it's not much fun. 

 Please remember to pray for those around you.  


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