Wednesday, November 28, 2012

40 Days- Day7

no exercise for 7 days.  and still a few more to wait for this leg to heal enough for 'strenuous cardio and/or lifting of weights'... 12 hours til i can shower.  what a day.
Aurelia and I don't have strep... just 'something viral'. good to know.  Abe- 1ml at a time, getting some medicine, Bo- rowdy, rowdy, rowdy... doesn't this kid have STREP??? Aur- coughing, cuddling, fever.

 No school for the boys tomorrow which will put them home bound for 72 hours- let me just tell you that we don't do 'stay inside and rest' very well.  What with my mom under the weather as well, my amazing Father has been a HUGE HELP!! In the picture above he's hanging out with his 2 granddaughters  ( compared to 6 grandsons) on the Carousel this summer- I do believe he rode it 4 times with Aurelia before his equilibrium couldn't take it any more :-)

Here he is with Abe at Thanksgiving- Grandpa gives the best squeezes!

I found this super sweet one from a while ago- grandpa teaching Bodie how to fish- WORMS!!!

1. sleep- let's not talk about it.  between the hacking and the cramps in the arch of my foot and the babies with coughs and strep and yadayadayada... it's minimal.
2. nutrition- fair.  no real gains made here either.
3. exercise- see above. 
4. outfit- i changed!! today I have my own sweatpants and sweatshirt on vs. Bj's- very attractive, let me tell you... especially with the snot wiped all over it.  No matter how much kleenex I carry in my pockets, those little noses seem to find momma's shirt first... not that I'm complaining, we pretty much stay wrapped up in a ball of cuddles and blankets when we're sick.
5. I'm thankful for the men in my life- 

ignore the blur, focus on the lesson.  

I have an amazing father.  I have an amazing husband.  I'm so, so, so thankful for both of them.  
He is wonderful. for real
coffee cup firmly attached to his hand, tired eyes from taking his turn with the babies.  love.  a million times, love.  

alright, peeps- tomorrow is a brand new day.  Let's hope for good health and happiness all around. 

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  1. I hope you got some good sleep last night and everyone is feeling better today.