Friday, November 23, 2012

40 Days, Day 3.

Right, so I had BIG plans for this next 40 days... and here we are on day 3 and I've yet to lay out the PLAN...  and I need to because  A goal without a deadline is not a goal, it’s a dream.  <<<<-----  that's from one of my favorite blogs written by Liz (yes, yes, it was probably from someone else famous, maybe different words, whatever)... you should go read it :-)  and it's ok if you get side tracked and forget to come back for a while, because that's what good blogs do, they suuuuuucccckkkk you in.  

Wait- I was talking about a plan but then I got side tracked on a goal  and a quote... where were we?  something shiny??? yes.  

Anyway.  I have a GOAL or a PLAN or both.  The 12 day challenge was good for me- I wrote every day.  I worked out EVERY DAY. and I ate like i was running a MARATHON  instead of around the block- EVERY DAY.  Oy.  

SO- heres my plan.  I am going to focus on SLEEP and NUTRITION and EXERCISE all together... and clothes, lets be real, I'm most likely gonna talk about clothes, and my kids, and my gorgeous husband, and books...breathe in, breathe out.... focus, focus, dominocus. 

1.  For the next 38 37 days ( too late to start today), I'm going to attempt to sleep for 8 hours a night.
2. For the next 37 days I will make healthy, reasonable food choices (why not start during the holidays?!?  makes perfect sense...).
3. For the next 37 days I will exercise as often as I can- for health and mental fitness reasons all rolled up together. 
4.  For the next 37 days I will try and fix my hair and pull together an 'outfit' and, possibly, take a picture... 
5.  For the next 37 days I will write down what I am thankful for.... because i'm thankful alllll the time and the writing helps me remember it.   

1. Sleep-  It's already 11pm and Abe did not drink his sleep meds and we are in a hotel... we'll see about 8 hours.
2. Nutrition-I only ate 2 Pizzelles when I could have easily eaten 20. not kidding.  

3. Exercise.... erm... nothing..... again..... BUT I did laugh with my sweet friend KIM!! Here's her son Aidan in the pack and play with Bo and Aur... cozy :-)

big kid crashed- too much car time today and gone from home yesterday = overload.  bless his amazing heart, he did so, so, so well.  

isn't she GORGEOUS!! and she's a warrior momma... raising her sweet son on her own and doing it WELL! I admire the her like crazy.  

Bo has decided he 'doesn't like pictures'... clearly because I'm trying to take so many of him... rotten baby. 

4. outfit- you like that panther sweatshirt??? you can't see the polka dot pajama pants i'm sporting, but let me assure you *theydon'tmatchatall*  :-)  

5. so, so thankful to be here. with my family and friends and FOOD.  

Friends- keep praying for  baby Grant.  Real life is good and bad and hard and soft and tears and laughter all rolled up into one big swerving mess of a roller coaster.   You take the good and the bad and you ride it out.  you cherish it. you find the amazing in every hour. 

I'll be here tomorrow.  See you then. 

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