Friday, November 30, 2012

40 Days- Day 10.

 today I was going to have a *gorgeous* outfit pic to show you, and *fantastic* exercise update, and an *unbelievable* sleep and nutrition stat - you know, a post worthy of it's historic spot at 1/4th of the way through the 40 day program.  WHOA! a program, you say??? what program??? yeah... exactly.  up to this point my real life has pretty much derailed my planned life- still snotty and sick and have edema in my leg and numbness and bruising and..... yada yada yada.  

you can already see where this is going.... straight to the couch with a cup of hot tea, wool socks, pajama pants and an enormous sweatshirt! 

So to distract you,  let me show you some things- nothing earth shattering, no need to pull over sit down or remove the cup of coffee (blech) from your hand. Just, you know, some things :-)  things that will make you smile... for real! 

Every year (for the past 2... and one in 2003) we have a catchphrase tournament for NYE- what's that, you ask?? it's awesomeness and competitive nerdness all rolled up into one-  See more about catchphrase  <----- there.  
my good friend Tricia and I... in real life she's a Mom to 3, wife to a SF suit, and math teacher.  Not last NYE! 
Last year we decided we needed to dress up... as someone famous..... Here you see our hosts, Alan and Tricia- aka Slash and his friendly groupie. yes, she did have crimped hair.  for real!! 

Bj and I were will and Kate... I got this amazing wedding dress for $10 at our thrift store uptown, shocking, no?? no. but awesome :-)

look at that part!! we worked HARD for that hair!

Larry the cable guy and Flo

 Frankie and Annette

 Macho man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth ( our winners!)

Doc and Marty McFly- how many shirts does he have on??

Gilligan and Ginger

Dr. Grey and McDreamy

We did have a few others that came un-costumed- we had a GREAT time :-) 

so- fun stuff, huh?  And this year we have a new and equally exciting theme... that I'll tell you about when I post pics on January 1st, 2013 <------- Aye YI YI!!!! 

I'd love to tell you we're all better... How about 'we're hoping to be all better soon'.  

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