Sunday, November 25, 2012

40 days- day 4.

1. sleep- we SLEPT last night!! this is a BIG DEAL!! and I'm hoping we sleep tonight... but don't want to disrupt the karma train by getting all excited about it so *whispering* here's hoping for 2 nights in a row!

2. Nutrition- thanksgiving meal with the furlow side of the family

this is just the cousins and our kids- no spouses or aunts/uncles- we had a wonderful time and we ate wonderful food... so what I'm saying is that while i only had 1 plate of food, it was a very full plate of food :-) and some pizelles.  

our small motley crew- even some smiles!!

3. exercise- I hot-footed it around the outlet mall for 1 hour- 5 stores, 5 coupons, serious shopping... would have been sweating but it was a frigid 32 degrees outside, so I made the most of my time and will get back on the real exercise track tomorrow. 

4.  LOOK! hair is done- outfit with belt and leggings is ON!! Pictures were taken- ok, ok, it was thanksgiving otherwise i'm sure this never would have happened but!! 
as my brother and sister in law are expecting baby #5 any day, this was our family pic this year! Next year we'll have 6 adults and 8 kids :-)

5. Thankful for so much and at this moment- for these reminders: 

and last but not least-

um hmmmm :-P

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