Monday, November 12, 2012

12 Days- Day 4.

1. Workout- ZUMBA!!! I love it, love it, love it.  Tex teaches, and we all boogie our flippin booties off! There are no mirrors, in fact, at the front of the room there's a Cross and a hanging fabric banner that reminds us to be thankful EVERY DAY... The wood floors are smooth from 50+ years of churchgoers' sunday best shoes and the speakers rock.  I truly believe that one of the main reasons I'm not on any sort of mood altering pharmaceutical is this little room on Down's main street.  The music is LOUD, we sweat like mad, and in that room is everysinglebodytype you've ever seen.  We are encouraged, supported, and PUSHED. and I love it.

2, I'm thankful for- My job... I LOVE the work that I do.  I'm ok with my job.  But, but, but. I'm thankful for it.  I have flexibility beyond belief that allows me to go to any and all appointments, parties, and meetings, and I'm very, very thankful for that!  This job allows me to focus, as much as possible, on these three amazing babies.

For real, I want her outfit!  

look at that smile!! He buttoned his entire dress shirt!! In the correct holes! Gorgeous boy!
chilling like a villain, rocking and chewing and rocking :-) handsome face!

3. . Outfit- 

Yes, my face is overexposed from flash and light- really, it's doing me a favor as my face turns BEET RED when I exercise.  Check out that  cutie in the background, pushing his 'May i have more GOLDFISH please?' button :-)  
1. Columbia jacket- when B and I took our 10 year anniversary trip to Portland, OR this summer, we shopped all around downtown and fell in love with some of the different Columbia items in the flagship store.  This jacket keeps me warm and toasty and dry- and it has neon zippers (the same color as Abe's shirt!) NOT a bargain... but I wear it 24/7 and LOVE IT :-) $89.99
2.  My FRAGILE X SHIRT :-)  This design was part of the blockbuster sales that our Central Illinois Fragile X Resource Group  put on at the National Conference in Miami, spear headed by Holly, queen of fundraising!  I love my shirts ( yes I own multiple colors) and wear them ALL OVER!! $15.00
3. Pants, Reebok, From DSG on the clearance rack this last spring. $7.99
4. Shoes.... ooooooooo, my shoes :-)  I love my asics! My mizuno pair had worn down at the heal to the extent that i decided to grab a new pair- love them! Found a spectacular sale - Labor day? - and snatched them up! $69.99 on sale and with a 30% off coupon at Kohls ( but the link is to DSG because they have more beautiful pairs to admire... not that I need another pair... not the tie-dye'd ones for sure....)

Day 4 is winding down.  I've printed out pictures of Cows and bubbles for Aurelia's thankful placemat tomorrow.  I've tickled and wrestled and snuggled and my muscles are telling me that one more stretch is very necessary before I call it a night.  See you tomorrow! (note the exclamation point... feeling all positive and chipper, eh?  yes.  yes, I am. )

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