Monday, November 26, 2012

40 Days- Day 6.

oy.... as my amazing friend Paula likes to say.  Strep throat has hit the Z house... Bo's swab came back positive- no way on God's green earth we were going to get a  swab from Abe so we are treating him as if he has strep also- as his symptoms are the same... oy.   My mom has a fever/possible strep.  Baby girl still not 100%- fell fast asleep at 6 pm tonight in my arms.  Me?  Well- I went for a vein ablation at Bella Vein Laser Spa (note how they throw the spa in there to make you think your  relaaaaaaxing- not having needles and lasers and scalpels shoved into your legs)... any way, as they were taking my vitals before the procedure the tech said 'Hey.... you know you have a fever?' well no, I did NOT know but i sure feel like crap- chills, aches, sore throat... and am going to have my culture done in the a.m.  oy.

yep- and I wasn't crazy after all, was I?? strep.  slightly tired/sick eyes/face/all over.  but still gorgeous babies. 

Thankful I live in a place with easily accessible medical care.  Go take a gander at nbc news or fox news, whichever way you happen to lean, and you'll see awful awful awfulness in our world- which made me think of this- 

goodness- we must.  

1. sleep- sort of.  Abe has strep- he's not drinking anything, much less his medicine juice.  really, really dislike attempting to hold my sweet baby down and syringe meds down his throat- goes against EVERYTHING i believe in regarding PO/feeding/slp practice- doesn't matter, he totally spit them all back out. and cuddled me afterwords.  talk about love.  
2. nutrition- I had ramen noodles because they sounded good.  yep.
3. exercise- none. again. 
4. outfit-  my husbands sweat pants to fit over my compression stocking/ace bandaged post ablation leg.
Pardon the grossness- almost funny medical mishap here- for my 3rd appointment, Dr outlined all the spots he was going to do... then realized he was still working on the other leg- yep.  speak up.  :P

5. I'm so thankful for the flip of the coin that landed me here- born at this time, in this town, to these parents.  Go back a look at the news- flip of the coin.  Fragile X- flip of the coin.  

  Continue to pray for Baby Grant's family.  Pray for  Baby Carter's family. Just pray.  

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