Saturday, November 10, 2012

12 days- Day 2.

1.  Work out
My new book came today :-) WHOOOP!!!!! So exercise today was workout #1.  To be very honest, the heaviest weights I have here at home are 10lb dumbbells, and while that may not be the 'heavy' they had in mind, it was a great workout!  I also feel NO SHAME in counting "running after my children at the football game"  for a portion of my exercise today.  Don't believe the picture below... i think this was the only 2 minute period that---- > Baby Girl was not trying to run onto the field, Middle Man was not attempting to tackle and or wrestle anyone within a 1 foot radius, and Big Kid had his chair upright.  Thankful for friends that helped me keep an eye (and grab a handful of shirt as needed) on these 3.  

2.  Thankful for- My amazing Husband

See that gorgeous man striding down the sideline?  yeah, it's kinda hard to pick him out, BUT he's there.  He amazes me.  He is devoted- to me, to our Children, to his team, to those who count on him.  He handles the seven million and one questions with grace and kindness.  He is able to see the happy, the potential, the currently amazing that sometimes gets lost in the wild and crazy that is our life.  He focuses on what our children CAN do... and holds me tight when I cry about the delays and deficits we face.  I love him more than boots.  He knows how important it is to teach about life and truth and real, and he does it amazingly well.  I am so proud of who he is, way, way, way down deep inside, and how that shows every single day in his thoughts, words, and actions.  

3. Outfit- What's that??? I'm crooked?  Out of Focus?  Blending in with the door?  Have what appears to be an atomic bird dropping on my head?  yes, these things happen when your 5 year old takes your picture and your 2 year old does your hair. 
 1.  Denim shirt- LOVE IT!  from old navy, on sale and had a coupon- $14.99,  can't wait to wear it over something sparkly! 
2. Panther shirt- $20.00
3. Maroon skinny jeans, $19.99 from TJ Maxx
4.  Boots- Kohls, end of season 2 years ago... not for sure, but I do know I had a 30% off coupon and that dropped them below the $20 limit :-)  
5. yellow bow in my hair- $2.00 from Walmart.... attempt to get Baby Girl to wear her beautiful panther bow- GOOD.... for 3 minutes, then no way, no how, no where.  

Day 2 is almost over- kids have zonked out.  football season has wrapped up.  I'm craving this deliciousness that I took to the after party... but at the same time hoping they eat it all so I don't. cuz I will. which is why I work out.  yep.  

See you tomorrow.  

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