Tuesday, November 20, 2012

12 Days- Day 11.

peeps  - right now all I can think about is this sweet little buddy Grant and his family.  He's 5 months old.  battling cancer... getting ready to leave his momma and daddy and sister and fly up, up, up to our Heavenly Father's arms.  Getting ready to roll without a pic line or port, ready to jabber and smile without an NG tube.  Lift him up in prayer.  Ask for God's peace and comfort for his family.

When you (I) start to whine or complain- SHUT UP. be thankful.  I'm not saying whatever it is you're going through is easy.  I'm not playing the pain game and I'm not comparing and contrasting scars and tears and pits that we've fallen into and crawled out of.  find something.  find one thing to be thankful for.  Remember that there is a momma out there who is Holding On, there is a daddy focusing on one day, one hour, one minute with his little buddy.

This is the back of our Euchre Tournament shirt-  I focus on the words- 'Life does not have to be Perfect to be WONDERFUL'... and Thank You.... find a little wonderful today.  Find a Thank you. Take your empty places and fill them with thanksgiving.

1. Today was Aquatic Physical therapy for Aurelia- and that was my workout.  We did fishy in the water and ring around the rosie and beach ball tag.  She loves it.  There are two inter-tubes on the wall, two big black O's... Aur says 'o, o- UUUUUU' - thanks to Word World we know that two O's make an UUUU :-)  we splash the water and say POOL!!! UUUUUU!!!  NOODLE!!!! UUUUUU!!! There's a senior citizen's water aerobics class right after the Therapeutic Class - Grandmas and Grandpas abound, and they repeat Aur's excited words and send waves of love and encouragement to all the differently abled swimmers.

Thanks to Picture Perfect Designs for the above photo.  

these pictures were taken exactly 1 year ago today.  Cherish your time here. Hold tight to the ones you love. 

2. I'm thankful for my subwoofer.  I'm amazed my car is still in one piece... somedays I turn the radio up so loud I think it may explode from the bass.  I turn it up loud enough so that my heart has no choice but to beat in time .    This, turn it up and listen.  Not what I typically boom, but I believe it may have been these Drum Corps International shows that first instilled the love of the beat in me- this is just a stand still- you can find a moving clip  with little effort, but the sound.... oo!!! love it. 

3.  Outfit.  
look! It's a picture- from now!! I love my jean jacket- from Gap, 11 years ago- bought it to wear to our first wedding shower... wowza :-)  Black and White sleeveless top- Gap outlet this summer. Black column skirt from Target.  Silver flipflops post swimming.   Dog peeking out from behind me, for sure! More pumpkins than you can shake a stick at? yes and yes again.  

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