Friday, November 16, 2012

12 Days- Day 8.

*shhhhhhh* this is a quiet post as I finally, finally, finally got our sweet big kid to sleep... precious son. Today was a busy day, and I think some of the changes and anxiety and whoknowswhat carried over and made it hard for his brain to relax and his body to sleep.  His face is chapped from chewing on his shirts- another sign that we are either cutting molars, have a cavity, or stresssssseeeddddddd.  so we wrestled and sang and 'higgledy piggeldy' ed all evening long.

1. Workout- Jillian kicked my booty.  This dvd starts out nice and easy, and by the last go-round I'm sweating and panting and watching the seconds on the count down timer... ug.  It is NOT fun... but I think it's effective and therefore it's a staple in my rotation.

2. Thankfulness abounds today- Bodie boo had his American Indian Museum presentation at school today- sweet baby :-)  his Bow and Arrow were on display, he sang all the songs we've heard him practicing (on the toilet, in the tub... should have recorded for future bribery :-)) and had a great afternoon.

I wear my hat over my ears, Bo, apparently, decided to pull his down to rest on TOP of his ears :-) 

He's showing me the 'arrowhead' he found on the playground... don't be thinking it's only concrete/rock/mud because it is CLEARLY an arrowhead!! We found about 20 more in our back yard- crazy to think these relics have just been LAYING around out there :-) no more! they are sorted and explained! 

excuse the iphone pic from far away, cropped down to 1/17th the original size- isn't he amazing?? Bo wears his head gear and singlet to every single youth wrestling practice (we believe in dressing for the occasion!) and he has had a BLAST!! 
He's been dreaming of 'really wrestling' since he was just over 2 years old- he wrestles himself, his pillows, his pillow pets, his brother and sister, his dog... you understand.  This is his dream come true, and I love that he loves it! 

3. Outfit- 

Once again, leoparding life up a little bit with my friends- This was taken at work by my friend Aimee- at one time there was an Amy R. an Aimee B, and me ----> Amy Z. all in our rehabilitation department.  Now there are only 2 of us. Wait, what was I talking about?  
1, Cardigan, Maurices, sale rack + 50% off $15.99
2. Leopard print top- target, on sale $9.99
3. Belt, too big, from TJ $8.99 :-)  gonna make it work because I LOVE the color and texture but need it about an inch shorter!!
4. Trousers, dark denim from Loft- sale + coupon, $17.99
5.  BOOTS!!- $12.00

look at this gorgeous chicly! stylin' and profilin'!  'WHOA GIRL!!! GLASSES!!'

That's it for today- our family spent 40 minutes at Wreck it Ralph... I've decided I'm not crazy for only taking my children to G rated movies- this was cute but way too loud and scary for us!! Made chili <----- true sign of fall :-) happy FRIDAY!!!!

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