Tuesday, November 13, 2012

12 Days- Day 5.

1. Workout- ZUMBA again :-)  this time at the Replex- it's a very different type of class from the one I attend in Downs. Sweat is sweat is sweat and this one gives me a good workout! Then I rode my friend, the recumbent bike, for an additional 20 minutes so I could read my magazine(s) and veg for a little while.

2.  I'm thankful for- My mom and Dad. very, very, very thankful.  I love them and am amazed by them and am thankful beyond belief for everything they've taught me... and are still teaching me!  Clearly this is not the *best* picture of anyone, but it shows much of the true colors that I am so thankful of- laughing, smiling, hugging and snuggling.

3.  Outfit- Listen, I was dressed nicely today.  really.  and yesterday, before I put my workout clothes on?  I was dressed nicely then too!! For REAL! Skirts and sweaters and boots and hair done... right now I'm in a gray pair of exercise pants and a different FX shirt... and Bj's sweatshirt because I get all cold and goosebumpy when I come home.  SO- here is a picture from our trip to Portland, when we stayed at the Hotel Monaco (love, love, love)
We went to crazy cafe's and kitchens and pubs and bars and had an absolutely fantastic time! 
1. Sweater- old navy, on sale $12.99
2. Dress- Loft, bought on 50% off day, used a reward card, total was $25.00!! 
3. Belt- limited, clearance, $7.99
4. Sandals... I don't remember. they were uncomfortable and I gave them away as soon as we returned home... apparently I've blocked them from my brain! I love this outfit (with different, sparkly sandals, and have worn it multiple times with a denim jacket, different belts, etc, etc. 

one of my favorite pictures- my dresses on the left, Bj's shirts in the middle... and the animal print robes provided for our use on the right :-)  

5 down, 7 to go. Later, peeps!

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