Sunday, December 2, 2012

40 Days- Day 11- THANK YOU and a change up.

Thank you, bloggity blog!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)  I really couldn't stand sitting down, again, to write, AGAIN, that I didn't exercise.

SO- Monkey, Get thee OFF of my BACK!!!  rockin' the sweaty hair- ohYEAH!! 

One of my tried and true motivators is my Heart Rate Monitor- for sure an online buy vs. in-store... a $20 dollar differential!  Anyway, I can't believe how hard I felt like I was working when I was still below my target heart rate-  clearly I am OUT OF SHAPE.  out of the shape I'd like to be, for sure.  I had a different, more complex, heart rate monitor  that had died after 4 years of constant use- after an unsuccessful attempt to replace the battery, I found this, much less complex, one and am very very happy with it!  

B had meetings tonight so I was paging through the-old-Pin-ter-est (say it with an appalachian accent, pleaseandthankyou) and found:  :-) :-) :-) 

Complete workout videos online with no commercials or pauses, and no need to register/signup/ANYTHING!  just put your shoes on and go! Tonight I did  the 32 minute bodyweight workout and the 18 minute red-light/green-light High Intensity Interval Training. Starts out nice and easy, I can handle this, by the 3rd time through the rotation I'm driiiiiiipppppping sweat.  

Here are my results- (and my change up to this 40 day challenge)
1. Total sweat time- 57 minutes (added abs after the above workouts)
2. Calories burned- 415
3. spending- pajamas ($15.00 on sale at target) 
YEEE HAW!  <----- feel free to give that some twang as well, should you get the notion :-)

yes I had the gunk, and yes we've had sick babies, but apparently unless I document it then I won't be doing it.  and it has to be specific.  

SO  1.  sweat time  2. calories burned 3. no spending  

and that's all I'm committing to for tonight.  

Do you see this gorgeous face??? I am so amazingly proud of this little man.  Today was his first wrestling match.  He lost his first match to a tough little kid- he worked hard, he got an elbow to the eye.  He went back out for his second match, scored a take down and an escape then he got scared- he walked over to his coach and said he was done.  he forfeited that match.  He went back out the for the third match and won by default- no opposition.  Do you know how hard it is to say you're scared??? Do you know how hard it is to get roughed up in front of 500+ people and go out AGAIN to try all over??? Do you know what amazing character it takes to come and sit on your momma's lap and decide that you will Go AGAIN??? I am so, so, so proud of him.  Valuable lessons were learned.  I swear this kid teaches me every. single. day.  about life.  about guts.  about character.  


I swear, He loves me, I know he does.  But this is what he ate beside me as I typed- ice-cream, oreos, chocolate chips, grahm crackers.  

Remember to pray for Grant's Family  and Carter's Family... and your family.  

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  1. Bo is awesome! Yikes how do you sit through those matches :)