Monday, December 10, 2012

40 Days- Day 19.

 Today- oof!  Let's just say that today is a double compression hose Monday, figuratively and literally.  Sclero on my left leg and still recovering from Ablation on my right, means fantastically gorgeous compression hose on BOTH legs, with new dried blood and aches and pains on the left and continued numbness ("oh, that nerve regenerates really well on it's own" ) on the right.  It's really too gross to post a picture of... i know you're very disappointed.

When I say that somedays my hair is CRAZY... now you'll believe me.  

so It usually ends up pulled up or back (or both) like so- please ignore the BAGS under my eyes... totally blaming the Kindle paperwhite for it's ease of use and fantastic backlit screen that allowed me to read well into the wee morning hours.  

Many thanks to the Husband- who knew I was feeling all droopy dog about my lack of exercise options... he kindly encouraged me trek the mile up to Hail's Autobody and pick up his vehicle. 

1. Sweat time- 21 minutes
2. Calories burned- 148- not bad for taking it slowish.  

I LOVE  - It really helped me get in better shape when I decided to loose weight before!  I love the success stories, found under the community tab, and the amazing pictures of people who have taken control of their lives- or at least the food and exercise portion of them.  

The walk tonight, while quick and a bit dodgy considering my legs and that I went at 9 pm (and I'm the biggest scaredy cat in the western hemisphere) reminded me that I CAN continue to exercise even when i can't do my preferred exercises.  

Many people say: 

and I guess I'm starting to believe it.  You know I really don't care to talk about weight... it's pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of things... except when you can't fit into your clothes and/or it affects your health.  I plan on being fit and healthy and able bodies til I'm at least 127, therefore, some changes need to be made.  

When I first saw this- ignore the swoosh- the last line caught me off guard... of COURSE!! Preparation!! (said the procrastinator)  so- I'm going to try and prepare, to make some healthier foods- to take for breakfast and lunch, for our whole family to eat .  
we'll see.  

Tonight I need you to pray for Jaime Hudson- go watch her video.  She suffered an aneurysm today.  She has 3 amazing babies, 2 that have Fragile X.  
Pray for her to be healed.  Pray for her family.  Just Pray. 

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