Sunday, December 30, 2012

40 Days- Day 36

Here I am!!! - and for all you crazy math types, sorry for the out of order numerical business :-)  apparently when you're tired enough you do things like skip 10 and say it's post 44 of a 40 day challenge , and/or forget your computer at work all together when you're leaving on vacation!!! so, yeah... it's not really day 36 but that's what we're calling it,  just to keep things flowy and groovy and ordered and organized  <----- because, you know, we're so organized around here :-)  or not.  

a new year is coming-   
It's the end of the month, the end of the year, and billing and files and reports and re-certifications and everything else under the sun must be done before tomorrow's party (oh baby- it's gonna be a good one!! pictures to come, here's a few from last year).  and tomorrow I'm leaving the job I've had for 10 years- just a smidge of anxiety rolling around about that particular subject.  
I've seen these folks at least 350 out of the last 365 days for the last 10 years... I've sat and talked with their children, their siblings, and in some cases their parents.  I've rejoiced with some.  I've grieved the loss of many.  I've finagled and fudged and out right lied to keep peace and order in my little speech bubble.  and now it's popping, as all bubbles must.  and we (myself and the lint in my pocket) are moving on. 

I have no pictures, currently, from our water park adventure- I will steal my momma's phone eventually, and show you the good times we had, right now it seems so long ago, buried under stacks of papers and busy

I am missing my Gram and Grandpa.  They loved to watch the birds, and my Gram in particular loved Cardinals... seems I see them everywhere.  I feel like she's holding me tight, encouraging me.  I miss her. 

sometimes you just need to wear your awesome pink coat if you're going to storm a castle and slay a dragon or two.  You gotta look good while you're wreaking havoc on the skeleton soldiers from 'the bad part of the castle' <----- per Bode.  

sleepy sweet big kid.  so precious to my heart.  Loved, loved the water park.  he looks like a teenager here... he's only 7.... 8 in a few days. 

I've been sock bunning it up! loving the corduroy shirt and sparkly scarf along with my favorite boots of all time- that now have the heel worn completely through to the STYROFOAM!!! oy.   and rocking the wrist bands and no- make up look post water park.  good times!

precious son- we were wearing hats, reading stories, being lions. being present.  

awesome new POP of color shoes from walmart for $16.00- added the dr. scholl's work inserts and they do a pretty good job of keeping me comfy and moving- not for exercise due to complete lack of arch support but with the inserts they may do for work.  

fat free cookies- uh huh.  I Like them.  I also like rice cakes and quinoa and other sort of card board tasting stuff...  but with a cold glass of milk they go down rather well.  

no stats.  no sweat <---- other than mental sweat... brain melting. 
see ya later, peeps.  happy almost new year. 

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  1. Good luck on the last day, that sounds like it will be difficult!!! Keep us posted on how it goes!


  2. I'm loving the color of those shoes! I'm sorry your missing your gram & grandpa, this time of year is hard for my mom too. I'm also loving the theme of your blog, the books are a cool idea. I'm stopping by from the YOLO hop. I hope you and the family have a great ending to 2012 & an awesome beginning to 2013!