Sunday, December 23, 2012

40 days- Day 31

happy first day of Christmas break!! we had cookies on the couch this morning... Truman did his best, and may have succeeded,  in stealing Abe's cookie, while Bo held on and observed and Aurelia and the husband played one of their million games that melts my heart.  

Then we went swimming at the Replex- enjoyed a movie at the Princess and were thankful all around for the amazing things our small town has to offer.  

I was SO SURE I'd never return to this sweet, sleepy little town.  When I went to Truman  (yes... that's where his name came from- technically he's Truman Augustana Vanderbilt) and then down in Nashville at Vandy- I always thought I would go AWAY... and stay away. 

I've often thought about what my life would be like if I had taken the job in Texas or London or Nashville.... I know that God knew I would have Abraham, and that I would need a community that was a little smaller, a little tighter, completely full of family.  A town that would embrace my Bohdan and help him find and be himself, even with so much of his brother before him and his sister after.  A town that will help my sweet baby girl navigate this crazy world.  

Tonight the husband and I dressed up (he had the fancy lumber jack look kickin') for a get together.  I actually fixed my hair- whoa!, wore clothing other than scrubs or sweats -love the glitter!, and wore shoes other than my runners- 

these are not mine... but I think they might need to be for spring- yeah?? 
Speaking of running....

1. Sweat time- 53 minutes
 I ran... again. Whoop!!! ran for 25 minutes- two miles under 10 minutes each,  then some sprints. (yes, slow for you runner folks, nice for me :-))  Then a little stationary bike, some serious lifting, and stretching- oy.  

2. Calories burned- 632.  
 not so much in the target heart rate zone for this jogging.  My body is still like 'WHAT ARE WE DOING??!!!??'   and my heart is POUNDING!!! but we (the royal pronoun... myself and the lint in my pocket??)  do it.  and we are thankful for legs that work.  

see you tomorrow, peeps. 

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