Monday, December 17, 2012

40 Days- Day 26

today was a day.  and I'm here because I promised myself I'd show up.... for 40 days.

I have no stats.  I have no sweat.  I had lots of assessments, lots of medicare, lots of early intervention.

and all I am tonight is sad.

We meet with the pediatric developmental specialist, Dr. Morton, in January. Speech, Physical, Occupational, Developmental re-evaluations are being completed.  Decisions need to be made regarding sweet baby's transition from the Early intervention system to the school system.  Does she start pre-k right when she turns 3, when she ages out of EI, and receive her therapy via the school?  Do we continue private therapy and wait until school starts in August?  Do we start school and continue private therapy? Is she ready for school?  is school ready for her?

Tonight Bo asked "mom, when is Aurelia going to really talk? when will she be able to talk to me and play with me?"

not the first time he's asked.

Tonight we discussed Autism and developmental disabilities  and overall differences in people.  same but different.  different but all still wonderful.

Bo said 'but she doesn't have fragile x...' he's right-  and until we meet with the kind dr. we won't have an official diagnosis.  it won't change who she is.  it most likely won't change the intervention that we provide for her.  it won't suddenly make everything(anything) make sense.  it's simply the next step on this journey.

tomorrow it's back to sunshine and rainbows and unicorns.

that's it for tonight.

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