Friday, December 7, 2012

40 Days- Day 16

apparently THIS is the way to take his picture.  

ham bone.  

1. Necklace from Francescas- 17.99
2. Shirt from Express- sale + coupon 19.99
3. Jacket from Lands End- way over $20.00
4. Pants from Loft- on super duper clearance, black friday special $12.99- they're a dark purple... considering them a neutral.  
5. Shoes- Miz Mooz- found them on Ebay for $29.99

Stats- no work out.  Changes in plans.  Day of rest... whatever you want to call it. no sweat was sweated, no calories burned, no endorphins released.  

My big kid had a hard night tonight.  This picture is from this summer, post run.  working on speech- hands on my mouth because I put my hands on HIS mouth.  no consonants yet.  

missing summer time.

Pedal, Pedal!!! not quite.  getting there.  

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